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Private Pilot (Airplane) Ground School.

This course is intended to prepare students who are seeking the FAA Private Pilot license for Airplane - Single-engine land.
A complete and comprehensive course, this provides all aeronautical knowledge instruction required under FAR 61.105 as
well as a wealth of real-world information intended to make you a knowledgeable and well informed pilot.

About The Site exists to provide a
wide variety of high quality aviation
training programs to pilots, maintenance,
and cabin crew. Our instructional programs
run the gamut from ground school
offerings for the student pilot to continuing
education, recurrent training, professional
development, and transition programs for
the working professional.

Instrument Rating - Helicopter

This course is intended to provide the ground instruction required for a pilot seeking an instrument rating in the Rotorcraft
- Helicopter category and class. This course costs $299.00 and is intended to prepare the student for the IRH knowledge exam.

Private Pilot (Helicopter) Ground School

This course is a complete ground school program intended to provide beginning private helicopter pilots comprehensive
instruction in all areas of aeronautical knowledge relevant to the rating, including the instruction required under FAR
61.105 as the prerequisite to sit for the PRH (Private Pilot Helicopter) FAA Knowledge Exam. This course is not intended for
those planning to take the Private Pilot Airplane exam, although it would be valuable to Airplane pilots transitioning to
helicopters, even though no FAA Knowledge Exam is required for the transition.

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